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Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences

“Essence” presented in Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences, was a continuation of “The Remedy” series presented by the artist at the 2015 and 2016 Art Basel Hong Kong, with the unique combination of “art and science”, she brought a completely new experience of art to the audience. Through the exploration in the medical, philosophical, cultural and healing processes in both China and the West, she integrated two things seemed to be completely different on the surface and conceived the harmonious state.

The exhibition brought four installations and a series of new ink and wash paintings. The highlighted work is “Resurrection”, a pair of wings symbolized the hope and salvation of life. Using familiar Chinese and Western medical supplies such as herbs, gauze, bandages, and pills as creative medias, she explained to people through science how to use scientific methods to get redemption from pain and disease, lead the audience into her inner world and understand her healing experience in the past.

Essence: Event
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