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H Queen’s Hong Kong

Zhang Yanzi’s solo exhibition Seclusion are held in H Queen’s Hong Kong on March 25,2019.In recent years, Professor Zhang continues to contemplate the relationship between art and life, explore the versality of art in society and push the boundaries of artistic expression. At the same time, Zhang actively teaches “Art Therapy” at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing in hopes to inspire more students to research and develop this subject. From a creative perspective, Zhang presses on to extend on her creative logic using her own life experiences, her incessant reflections on cultural and social outlooks and her Chinese ink artistry. In particular, her recent creations “seclusions” interestingly forms a fresh perspective of beauty against such cruel topic.

The “seclusion” that Zhang highlights is what can be easily found in our daily lives within the society, and popular culture; it is a form of solidarity and hermitage. In our modern-day world, through improvements in technology and philosophy, people’s connectivity has become more effective and our value system more diversified. However, people’s presence and interaction within the society has fallen behind towards solidarity and self-gratification within. Phenomena such as Otaku from Japan, addiction to virtual reality, and social ineptness, have all become strange but true depictions of our society.

SECLUSION: Exhibitions
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