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Victorian Artists’Society


October 2023

ESPACE DES FEMMES-Antoinette Fouque

Zhang Yanzi’s latest solo exhibition “The Dangerous Balance” opened at ESPACE DES FEMMES-Antoinette Fouque. This exhibition is hosted by the academic Elisabeth Nicoli, Chief of the French Women’s Publishing House, and curated by Ms. He Yuhong, founder of the Union of Asian Artists in France (abbr. UAAF). Six series of new works recently created by Zhang are on display: “Hyperplasia”, “WE”, “The Multi-face”, “The Faceless”, “Breathable”, and “Enjoy Oneself”. These continue Zhang’s long-standing comprehension and expression of issues such as tradition, identity, scars, and repair. The use and selection of materials are more intense, more ingenious, in a free and easy way, in line with the artist’s own temperament and spiritual pursuit. They present a panoramic view of encounters, collisions, fights or separations among different cultures and civilizations, among different human groups, and between traditional and modern spirits, making people truly feel a profound cultural “Hüzün” .

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