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Victorian Artists’Society

Hormones, (from Greek Polytonic|ὁρμή impetus ) are chemicals released by cells that affect cells in other parts of the body.

Does this impetus, originate from instinct or will? Are Hormones physical or spiritual?

When something exists in our bodies, it seems to be invisible. Only when it recedes from the body, can you find its fading way, or slightly figure out its shape.

Hormones in my eyes, are colorful. 

Zhang Yanzi 8th July, 2019

Zhang Yanzi, an artist that currently works at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, introduces a new solo ink and wash exhibition, Hormones which continues her long- standing interest in the connection between life and the world, as well as her interpretations themed on “life and remedy” using a rich artistic language that has been her syle for many years. The exhibition was co-organized by the Victoria Artists Society and HUAAO International Media and it was presented at the Gallery of Victoria Artists Society. The word “Hormones” is quite eye-catching but actually it stems from a life experience as it originates from a box of oval hormone stickers sent to her by a friend, which made her start to consider this mysterious thing.

HORMONES: Exhibitions
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