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PAN, Palazzo delle Arti di Napoli, Italy

The exhibition brought together the creative achievements by Zhang Yanzi from 2010 through 2013, with more than 100 works in total, including “Registration” series, “The Remedy” series, “Qi” (Flow of Energy), “OK”, “Intrepidity”, “Whose Remedy” series, “Aches”, “Itches”, “Numbness” and so on. In addition to the media of ink and wash she has been adopted, her works also cover mixed media, installation, ready-made and handmade products and so on.

To organize an innovative exhibition of contemporary Chinese art means to execute new curatorial strategies capable of giving visibility to those more authentically Chinese artistic productions, who carry on the tradition of ink painting and hardly find a place within conventional art shows. “The Remedy” exhibition set itself the target of offering a new perspective about the Chinese contemporary painting practice and intend to draw Italian audience‘s attention to a different mode of expression of an extremely diversified and stratified artistic phenomenon whose complexity hardly emerges out of the usual curatorial choices.

The Remedy 2014: Event
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