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February 2020
Ink and color on cloth masks

I witnessed the outbreak of the pandemic and the process of its quick spread across the world. New York has also become an area severely affected by the virus.

After the pandemic started to spread in New York, medical masks were in short supply even in hospitals and we could not buy any masks in New York. I thought that if this was a lasting fight again the virus, I should be prepared. Thus I bought a sewing machine and planned to make some masks by myself. We can use some and send others to those who need them. The masks I made were very practical, they were made of white cotton with an innerlayer and nose clip. I used one everyday and recorded some news or data on the pandemic and on my mood on each day on the white cotton mask. From January 23rd through to May 4th, there are a total of 111 masks. 

In New York, Chinese or Chinese Americans are often anxious because of our identity. During the spread of the pandemic, Chinese people were insulted for wearing masks. Wearing masks or not became an embarrassment for Chinese people. All of a sudden a mask suddenly became a very complicated and symbolic sign. The Mask Diary, has gradually become my art project from what was originally a practical purpose. 

Undoubtedly, this pandemic has changed our original way of life and at the same time highlighted social problems originally hidden. For me, when I went to the supermarket with a huge black mask and sunglasses, the mask was not completely used to prevent the virus. The security I needed was not only from a physical perspective, but also from the perspective of mental health and identity. 

Mask Diary: Event
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