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The exhibition brought together the creative achievements by Zhang Yanzi from 2010 through 2013, with more than 100 works in total, including “Registration” series, “The Remedy” series, “Qi” (Flow of Energy), “OK”, “Intrepidity”, “Whose Remedy” series, “Aches”, “Itches”, “Numbness” and so on. In addition to the media of ink and wash she has been adopted, her works also cover mixed media, installation, ready-made and handmade products and so on.

Ever since her solo exhibition entitled “Walk While Stepping on the Gauze” was successfully held in Shanghai Art Museum in 2010, in the past three years, Zhang Yanzi’s creations have undergone several complete transformation. In her successive changes, she gradually turned from the observation and expression of the external world to the excavation and introspection of the innermost, and her art creation also showed her distinctive individual characteristics. This exhibition was a concentrated showcase of her remarkable transformation in her creative career. 

“The Remedy”presented Zhang Yanzi’s completely new creation as she gradually found her unique language system. What she has been concerned with is not the physical pain but the psychological pain which stretches and soaks in all fields of contemporary community. This is Zhang Yanzi’s landmark exhibition on “Art and Therapy” which received great attention from all walks of life and she won the 2013 Lu Xun Cultural Award.

The Remedy 2013: Event
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